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Talks and presentations.

I really enjoy talking to people about my condition, one of the ways I do it is by presentation.

I have done a number of presentations both to medical professionals as well as to parents and carers of disabled children.

My last presentation was to 600 nurses at a conference in South Wales, after I had finished my talk I received a standing ovation which was really, really cool.

I have placed a video of the talk below, it doesn't show the actual slides of the presentation as it contains some personal stuff. Please take a look, I hope you enjoy seeing what I enjoy doing!!! 


Like all teenagers I enjoy gaming, I have an Xbox 1, and a Nintendo switch, I enjoy Call of duty style games as well as Legend of Zelda on the switch.


Due to my medical anomalies I have had a lot of interaction with some charities. 


This is a group that gets together to allow people affected by VACTERL Association to get to know each other and gain useful tips etc. I have made some great friends at these get togethers.


This group offers help and advice to people with or who will be having a Mitrofanoff stoma. I have recently been asked to be the childrens ambassador for this charity which I am really proud. I have my first presentation to this group in March which I am really looking forward to.